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"I have been a patient of Dr. Gruber since 1995 and have had nothing but very good experiences. He has done several scopes and a knee replacement on my left knee (1999), also he has worked on my shoulder, elbow and feet. He has done work on both of my wife's hands with nothing but good results." – James H.  
"Got me in next day for surgery best medical experience ever." – Gary L. 
"Had knee surgery and it went even better than I had expected. My doctor was informative during the entire process and actually cares about my health." – Judy R. 
"Dr. Powell is  professional and competent, as well as caring and sympathetic." – Betsy P.   
"Great staff and physician." – Dixie C. 
"Dr. McMath is always there for me. He spends all the time I need to understand my Medical situations. I have used other Orthopedic Doctors, but Dr. Mcmath is the best. After breaking my ankle in 3 places, Dr. McMath performed surgery and I have 2 plates and 7 screws in my ankle, but I never have any problems, not even during bad weather. I also fell and injured my shoulder. Dr. McMath also took care of my shoulder and after surgery andtherapyy I have regained full use of my right shoulder and arm I will always use Dr Jason Mcmath for any and all of my orthopaedic needs." – Mary T.   
"Professional and personable always.  Concerned and takes the time to discuss treatment options.  Can't go wrong seeing  Dr. Ballantyne." – P. P.
"I saw Dr. Ballantyne for Hyalgan injections in my knee. Although I was very afraid it was going to really hurt the first time, Dr. Ballantyne numbed the area with a topical spray before the injection. I felt some pressure, but no real pain. I was so relieved, especially since I had to return each of the next 4 weeks for additional injections. They really helped the pain and movement in my knee for some time." – Donna T.
Broken bones, pulled tendons, physical therapy . . . we always visit Georgia Bone and Joint! The doctors and staff consistently provide quality treatment helping us get back to our busy lives as soon as possible. We are lucky to have a state of the art facility and an excellent team of physicians so close to home.
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With great honor, I extend a sincere appreciation to Dr Gruber and his staff who applied their expertise toward my total knee replacement October 2011. Prior sports related injuries contributed to severe cartilage damage resulting in constant pain during basic life activities, such as standing, sitting sleeping and walking. The pain became so severe that I limited my life to only performing what I had to perform and staying stationary the other time to minimize the pain. I realized life was passing by and that I was missing out on the most precious moments with my children, so last fall I proceeded with total knee replacement surgery at age 41. From the beginning, Dr Gruber was encouraging, reassuring and confident. He ensured my questions and concerns were addressed and I was comforted before proceeding through the process. Today, 4 months after surgery, I have regained an active lifestyle. Now, I can enjoy basic life functions without pain. In addition, I have regained an active life and am able to share special moments with my family, like participating in local community events and throwing the football and baseball with my son… all pain free! Becoming more active has rejuvenated my enjoyment of life to the point that I am motivated to live a healthier lifestyle, through more exercise which has resulted in 30 pounds being melted away. I feel great once again and words cannot explain the gratitude I share toward Dr Gruber and his expertise. Thanks to Dr Gruber, I have regained my quality of life!