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"Dr. McMath is patient focused–Excellent physician" – Michele S. 
"My visits to my appointments were very pleasant. The sitting area were neat and clean and my waiting time was short. Dr. Kessler and his staff was alway professional and considerate." – Gloria E. 
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"I had fallen earlier in the year and dislocated my right shoulder. Doctor Ballantyne had X-rays made & determined that a shot of cortisone would ease the pain until healing could occur. He prescribed  a number of exercises that I should do at home & after several weeks most of the pain was gone. Many thanks to Dr. Ballantyne." – William M. 
"Very good doctor. Staff is great. Shows lots of concern. Very helpful!! My stay in hospital was so comfortable. Always checking to see if I was in pain and tried to help in any way!!" – David P. 
"Dr. Ballantyne cleaned up the bruised left big toenail and it has been doing fine since." – Robert B. 
"I had gotten to the point of barely being able to walk since my left hip hurt so bad. Then after suffering a few years with that, my other hip and back hurt bad too. I was having a horrible time just doing my regular housekeeping and grocery shopping because of the pain. I put off going to have my hip seen about because of fear of being  unable to take care of my husband mainly, while I recuperated. I am so glad I finally had this surgery. I can walk well now and the other hip no longer hurts really bad like before. I can once again make it around the grocery store without pain. After lots of X-rays by my primary care doctor Guy Arnall, he recommended I see Dr. Gruber. Then 3 months later I had a complete hip replacement at Piedmont Hospital in Newnan. I have to say it was not nearly as bad an ordeal as expected. Dr. Gruber and team who operated helped me stay calm and the surgery went well. I was allowed to get up and walk the halls the afternoon of my surgery with a walker. I decided to come home and let home health nurse show me exercises. Also my daughter came the first week each day.   A few weeks after surgery I went to  local physical therapy for 12 one hour sessions for exercise. This was very helpful. I was able to drive after 6 weeks. I wish I had of had hip replacement surgery sooner, rather than have all the suffering I did while putting it off." – Bernice B.    
"Everyone was very professional and polite, the doctor was very thorough with what was going on and with treatment options. Addressed any questions or concerns that I had." – Jonathan Y. 
"Everyone friendly and answered all my questions." – Kenneth W.  
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"I have been using this great group for 12 years. I have been operated on by Dr. Gruber 8 times from 2004 through 2015. I have had arthroscopic surgeries on both knees, knee replacements, surgeries on thumb joints and a finger joint. I also received shots in my neck with Dr. Kessler. Every interaction with office, radiological, and surgical staff has been professional, efficient, and friendly. I would recommend this group very highly for all orthopedic treatment. Excellent care and follow up. Love this group!" – Diane B. 
"I was in severe pain in my left leg due to spinal stenosis. I had undergone back surgery and a fusion 12-14 years prior. The surgeon for that surgery had inserted a stimulator to boost the healing process and it still remained in my back. Dr. Kessler did a lot of research on the stimulator and decided that it couldn't be safely removed. Amazingly to me, he made the incision in my right side and performed a very successful surgery. The pain was immediately relieved. I would highly recommend Dr. Kessler. This doctor belongs on a pedestal. Thank you again, Dr. Kessler." – Nancy C. 
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