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"I have been a paient of Georgia Bone & Joint since 2006. Dr. Gruber has been my doctor the whole time. I have had multiple surgeries. You could not ask for a better doctor or staff. They are compassionate and really care about you." – Caroline
"Friendly staff, very little wait time" – Alisa B.  
"Dr. Cushing was very nice and knew just what my issue was. Had a great understanding of the trouble and could describe it exactly to a T. Was very pleased in how I was treated and the staff. Very nice atmosphere and facility looks very nice since its recent renovation." – Tory W.   
"Very through and explained the issues with my knee and surgery details to correct knee issue(s) in great detail in a way that was very understandable. The surgery and post op follow-up / care has been excellent" – Timothy H. 
"Dr. Ballantyne treated me when I broke my wrist at the gym. I am 83 years old, and he was as patient as if I was 20 and had a long life ahead. I had heard stories about doctors not being interested in helping old folks, not true. I couldn't ask for any thing to go as well for me. However a year later I had another accident and Dr. Ballantyne wasn't available so I saw Dr. McMath, got excellent care and the same caring attitude. I appreciate all the things these guys go through, to care for their patients, and the office staff is just as important, so give them a pat on the back for me." – Anna T.    
"I was hurting with severe back pain and called and received an appointment the next day. I have a history of back pain that I have been treated for many times in the past by Dr. Kessler with great results. This latest visit was in July. I had only a short wait time to see the doctor who proceeded to do the diagnosis and then give me an injection in my back to relieve the swelling and subsequently the pain. I am very grateful for their caring, kind, and professional treatment. It sure does make for a better quality of life for me." – Grover C. 
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"Just the best. Thank you Dr. Kessler" – Elizabeth A. 
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"Xray'd knee got a shot of cortisone, knee's been fine since." – Robert S. 
"I have had a great experience working with Dr. McMath, he is concerned about your problem, takes time with you." – Debra B. 
"Dr. Ballantyne treated me for a knew injury and during the treatment, due to my favoring the other knee, it also required treatment. I was very impressed with his knowledge and ability to quickly diagnose and treat my problems. I have full confidence that he had my best interest at heart and I'd recommend him a million times to anyone that needed a fantastic orthopaedic doctor. He's the best!!!" – Penni