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"Dr. Ballantyne has always been my favorite doctor! He has replaced both of my knees and is now treating my bad back. I have complete confidence in his ability to treat me. He has always given me excellent care! He truely cares about his patients. I recommend him to all my friends and family." – Debbie H.  
"He gave me an injection in left hip for bursitis and it has not hurt at all since then. Could barely walk before injection. He is very caring and helpful." – Betty P. 
"My experience was pleasant in the office. The doctor was informative and did my surgery well." – Mary T.  
"I really love Dr. Kessler, he really cares about his patients. He is an excellent surgeon!!! Highly recommend!!!" – Kennita C. 
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"I have had several surgeries performed by Dr. Ballantyne and I was very pleased with all experiences." – Dianne B. 
"I have always had a good experience with Dr. Kessler. He advised me on my back to help me make a good decision on what I should do, if certain procedures were not working. I was considering an operation, and he advised against it, therefore, now I am with a Pain Clinic, and it seems to be working. Thanks you Dr.Kessler." – Ernestine H.
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"This was the 3rd operation that Dr. Ballantyne has performed for me. Two previous from accident injuries and this one for a total hip replacement. Although I was concerned about having a hip replacement using Dr. Ballantyne's preferred posterior technique, he was quick to respond to my concerns and was very professional in explaining why he felt that the posterior would be the better choice for me.  At the same time, he made it clear that if I wanted to use the anterior approach, he would have no problem transferring my scheduled operation to another physician that would do the anterior. I totally trust Dr. Ballantyne and know he would only have my best interest at heart. I decided to proceed with the posterior, and although I suspect that the first few weeks of recovery have been more difficult than I would have had with the anterior, I do feel that in the long run I will benefit. Considering the thousands of hip replacements that Dr. Ballantyne has done, I rest assured that one of the best can add me to his list of successful surgeries." – J. T.  
"Excellent treatment as usual..." – Bruce M. 
"Double knee replacement surgery, very happy with progress. Believe recovery is going well. It will be 4 weeks this coming Tuesday.  Never used a cane and stop using walker after week 2. Physical Therapy going well and daily progress evident." – Raymond S.  
"I had a knee replaced. There was nothing about the procedure that was as bad as I had anticipated. I was walking without crutches or a cane four days after the surgery. It has been 18 months since the surgery and I've had no problems." – Brad B.