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"Everyone has been super during my rehabilitation following my shoulder surgery. Dr. Powell is the best orthopaedic physician (and I have seen a few), I have complete trust and confidence in him. Julie is a sweetheart and always makes sure that you are comfortable and feel welcome. Rusty is great, I have great respect for his knowledge of the healing process following my surgery. The team that Dr. Powell has surrounded himself with is the best, from his office to his surgery unit. I will highly recommended him to anyone!" – Robin E.
"I was very pleased with the staff and their expertise in assisting me in my rehab recovery. All of them were exceptional and made my recovery enjoyable. What I thought would be grilling exercises were explained well and turned out to be exactly what I needed for a speedy recovery. I will definitely recommend Dr. Gruber and the Georgia Bone & Joint staff at Piedmont." –Clementene M
"I called for an appointment due to severe pain, and was scheduled the same day. X-Rays taken and an MRI scheduled. Everyone in the office was professional!" – Beth H.  
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"Dr. McMath came highly recommended to me by my friend who was a former patient of Dr. McMath's. When the pain got to be too much, I contacted Georgia Bone & Joint and specifically asked for Dr. McMath. Dr. McMath showed concern, professionalism and was extremely knowledgable of what procedure I would need. He explained in detail what to expect and gave me detailed information about the surgery, what to expect before, during, and after surgery, what hip joint he would be using, and a website where I could actually view the procedure and see this hip joint for myself. Armed with the most up to date technology, Dr. McMath performed the surgery on April 29th, 2015, and it was a huge success. I was up and walking the next morning. After 2 months of physical therapy, I was back to my old self and have been pain-free ever since. My new hip has given me the ability to enjoy life again and to do some of the things I loved but couldn't do because of the constant pain. This includes golfing, bicycling, and walking, camping and hiking, and something as simple as driving for extended periods of time. Dr. McMath is genuine, concerned and caring. He made having this surgery an easy decision!" – Robert C. 
"Dr. Ballantyne is one of the best doctors I have ever seen doing treatment for broken bones. If I ever have a broken bone or any other treatments I may need for my bones, he would be the one I would definitely pick and keep." – Mary H.  
"A few years ago, I went to Dr. Cushing after continued pain in my knees. We tried shots, we tried arthroscopic surgery, we tried more shots and braces; all to no avail. Finally, after unexpected, but successful shoulder replacement surgery, we settled on knee replacement. Since the shoulder healed in such a short time (three months after surgery I was hoisting children onto my knees as Santa), we decided to do bilateral replacement and get it over with. Six weeks ago, surgery went off without a hitch and now I am walking without assistance, can bend to 120 degrees, and am feeling better about my knees than I have in many years. I am certainly pleased that I found Georgia Bone & Joint and Dr. Michael Cushing." – George M. 
"Dr. McMath has an outstanding Doctor/Patient relationship. He listens and asks the questions required to determine the treatment required to resolve medical issues in his speciality. I trust his skills to the utmost with medical care of my aging joints. I only wish here were more stars from which to rate Dr. McMath. Outstanding doctor if my vote counts." – Wendell J.  
"Excellent professional friendly" – Peggy R. 
"Doctor and staff are very polite and courteous." – Eva K.  
"Excellent service, Very polite and knowledgeable staff." – Judy M.  
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