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“Great! Makes me feel as tho he really cares about my health. This is the 4th surgery he has done for me.”
– John B.
“Dr Gruber explained the procedure well. He answered questions.”
– Latessia C.
“Dr. Gruber did surgery on by elbow, and he did an awesome job. My recovery was not long and very easy. Dr. Powell did surgery on my knee. I had the same experience again. My recovery was not long and very easy.”
– Gail D.
“Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I felt I was cared for very well.”
– Joy C.
“Professional and efficient”
– Maurice G.
“I was absolutely impressed with the skill of Dr. Powell, and his surgical skill. After discharge from the hospital, I developed a slight infection. When I called the office, I got immediate response and Dr. Powell summoned an ambulance to the office to carry me to the E.R. for possible blood clot problems. Dr. Powell followed up with constant contact with the E.R., and with my care. I was totally impressed with his caring professionalism Georgia Bone and Joint has given me immediate and professional care. I couldn't be happier with the overall experience. From Julie and Sheila, to P.A. Rusty to Doctor Powell. I would recommend them to anyone.”
– Steven H.
"Excellent...been seeing Dr. Powell since the 90s and LOVE him!!" – Sandra S.
"I saw Dr. Ballantyne 8 years ago and he did such a wonderful job in taking care of me with both ankles broke, when I started having problems this year with a knee he was the one I returned to for care. So far, I am doing better thanks to Dr. Ballantyne. I would certainly refer him to anyone with orthopaedic issues. He and his entire staff have been very personable as well as efficient and professional. Thank you to all of them." – Betty S.
"I have had occasion to use the services of Georgia Bone & Joint on two occasions and found Dr. Ballantyne to be just what I needed on both occasions. The staff has always been most courteous and very helpful." – David S. 
"Dr. Cushing provided great care for my daughter's knee. Thank you!" – Candice R.